Listen. Act. Protect.


We fight two concerning disaster trends that appeared within the last ten years worldwide: firstly, likelihood and scale of disasters impacting communities, organizations and governments is growing. Secondly,the ever growing tendency to build settlements in disaster prone areas. These are perfect ingredients of a recipe for disaster. We provide a wide array of services aimed at ensuring that hazards are well understood and planned for, in order to save lives and reduce property damage and ensuing economic and social distress.

Business Continuity ensures that a company never stops performing its essential functions, even in the face of large scale disasters.
Through risk analysis, planning, strategy implementation and training, Business Continuity allows to save lives, property, information and controlling the impact of the crisis (with an emphasis on crisis communication towards all stakeholders) with minimum damage to company brand, market share, investor confidence.

We are creating, managing and producing the most cutting edge events that the field of emergency management has ever seen. We believe this to be the best way to promote and diffuse our paradigm in order to share it with the largest amount possible of stakeholders and with the public as well.
Red Pyramid is the creator and producer of the SMARMIE conference, one of the most innovative events featuring visionary geniuses pioneering the ever-evolving field of new technologies applied to emergency management (especially social media).

Human activities and the environment are subject to regulations that affect governments and businesses alike. 
Our international team of subject matter experts help public agencies at any level to manage and remediate polluted sites that endangers not only the environment itself, but also businesses and citizens. 
Businesses face strict regulations as well, in the form of environmental due diligence and corporate social responsibility, and we are ready to help you comply with the law while boosting the value and social positioning of your brand.    

Resilience is defined as the ability of a material to absorb energy when it is deformed elastically, and release that energy upon unloading. Does this definition speak to the capability of infrastructure and people to withstand adversity and come back stronger than ever? You bet.
Red Pyramid offers innovative products and services aimed at fostering community resilience as well as promoting the diffusion of groundbreaking innovations in housing building techniques and materials, disaster insurance and infrastructure retrofitting for catastrophic events.

In such fast changing, technology-driven times it’s hard to keep track of everything that surfaces and evolves in the field of emergency management. For this reason Red Pyramid has decided to make Training one of its core services. We feel that your organization, your community is what could really shape the future of this critical field.
We want to pride ourselves in being the vector of future innovations by providing the right tools to those who will use them to build something spectacular. You.



Red Pyramid is a multinational consulting firm based in NYC, providing a wide range of high added-value services to private, public and non-governmental entities.
Our main areas of business are Emergency Management, Environmental Protection and Resilience.


Red Pyramid’s mission is to provide the foundations and tools to proactively protect communities, businesses and cities from the impact of natural disasters and polluting activities while enhancing quality of living, infrastructure resilience and protecting the environment.


Our staff has tens of years of proven experience in the field working for public agencies, private companies, NGOs organizations both domestic and international. 
You can find more details about who of our staff will meet your organization's needs in the Services pages.